Scalp Psoriasis

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Scalp psoriasis is an emotionally challenging skin condition. It can often lead you to feelings of embarrassment and shame. It also makes you very stressed, if you work in an environment where attire is important.

The condition may also prevent you from taking up certain positions you would like to do, for example in the catering industry and in places where food is publicly handled.

It can also limit you from contact with the public, simply because of your skin rash appearance. On bad days, and I am sure that there are plenty of those, you just feel like staying at home and shying away from people.

For this reason, many skin disease sufferers especially those with facial and scalp psoriasis features choose to work from home. They tend to use the telephone and internet as their main means of communication.

What is Scalp Psoriasis?...

Scalp psoriasis is often commonly associated with people who mainly have plaque psoriasis and to a lesser extent one of the other forms of the skin disease. If you happen to get this itchy skin problem, you may find that this skin disease leads to reddish raised silvery-white lesions.

It will form into part of your hair roots. As a result, patches of hair can easily come off with the psoriatic scaly skin. It can often appear as a single raised patch or multiple patches. They are often found in areas of the forehead, back of the head near the hairline and behind the ears.

In more severe cases, the patches can spread well into the forehead and deep down at the back of the neck. In more advanced cases they can cover your entire scalp and ears, with more lesions appearing on your face, often called facial psoriasis.

Who Gets This Skin Disease?...

The exact causes of psoriasis of the scalp are unknown. You are more likely to get this skin disease if you have a family history of psoriasis. As mentioned previously, there is good evidence to suggest that this skin disease has to do with an abnormality of the immune system.

This causes the psoriatic skin cells to grow, far too quickly i.e. 3 to 4 days instead of the normal healthy 28 to 30 days. That’s approximately 8 times quicker. Psoriasis of the scalp is therefore termed an auto immune disease.

Most types of psoriasis symptoms are not contagious- no one can catch it from you, apart from the streptococcal infection that causes sore throat leading to guttate psoriasis.

It is estimated that about half of sufferers, get psoriasis on the scalp. Just like the other types of psoriasis, it too can be triggered by stress, trauma, streptococcal infection, hair dye, medications, environment, topical treatments, and other drugs and so on.

The Symptoms...

The symptoms can be a form of mild psoriasis scalp with fine scaly skin that could easily be hidden under your hair.

In other more severe cases, your whole scalp, forehead, back of the neck, behind the ears and parts of the face can be covered with scales.

You can expect the following psoriasis symptoms:

  • Dry scalp
  • Flaking of psoriasis scaly skin on your tops and shoulders
  • Silvery-white scales
  • Skin Itching- can be severe
  • Reddish-looking psoriasis plaques
  • Sore and tender to the touch
  • Burning intense feeling, skin irritation
  • Hair loss that comes out with the psoriasis plaques
  • Sleep deprivation due to the intense itchy skin
  • Cracked, open bleeding wounds

Traditional (conventional) Treatment...

You can treat the skin disease using traditional (conventional) treatments or by natural psoriasis treatments.

If you choose the conventional medication treatment then your doctor will prescribe topical treatments and psoriasis shampoo to begin your psoriasis scalp treatment. These involve the use of creams, gels, ointments and soaps.

Coal tar shampoo is the most commonly used psoriasis shampoo for this treatment. For the topicals, many psoriasis medications are used that works to slow-down the growth of the psoriatic skin cells. These include corticosteroids, antimicrobials, calcipotriene, tazarotene, anathralin, betamethasone dipropionate, etc.

If the topical psoriasis creams and so on, fail, then the next step is to try phototherapy.

The last step if all else fails is Biologics. Biologics is the newest form of psoriasis treatment and just like topicals they too, have some very nasty side effects.

So if you are thinking about this, please do your research well and ask lots of questions about the treatment and potential side effects.

Natural Treatment...

Instead of suppressing their symptoms using conventional psoriasis treatments, more skin problem sufferers are using natural scalp psoriasis treatment to effectively boost their immune system.

This natural treatment involves the application of oils like virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil, and vitamin E and so on. This also includes baths with sea water, Dead Sea salt, Epsom salt/ bicarbonate of soda, flotation tanks as well as changing your diet, exercise routine and lifestyle.

On the whole, natural psoriasis treatment is much safer. They cause little or no stress on the body and works in harmony with it. More and more psoriasis sufferers are moving towards psoriasis natural treatments to boost their immunity and ward-off not only psoriasis but many other threatening diseases as well.

The good news is that, they are also getting total psoriasis relief- something they were not getting with years of using conventional psoriasis treatments.  

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